Group visits

Several options are offered to you

From guided tours to interactive ones, several options are offered to you in order to visit and discover a multifaceted Brussels, Belgium.

On foot, by coach, by carriage, by tuk tuk, by tram, by Segway or according to your wishes, with tasting on board or in typical places, our graduated guides in History and/or Art history, will make your visit into a particular moment.




Whether you are fascinated by Rubens famous altarpieces and their striking colouring, or you wish to hear about the story of a blacksmith turning to painting for the love of a lovely young lady, whether you wish to be a gourmet or a fashion addict, and last but not least, if you are dreaming to discover all about the glorious diamond-cutting business, or the secret places of the city centre, just spend a day in Antwerp! We invite you to an exclusive trip into history.



A stroll along the shimmering waters of the Minnewater, the silver thread of the canals, the sparkling white swans under a willow, the little white houses in the Beguinage. Here in Bruges, everything is poetry, romance and undefinable melancholy. We have the pleasure in inviting you to join us for a guided tour in a Bruges that few visitors take the time to discover: the city of the Hanseatic merchants. With our guide, we will conjure up the boats and carriages bringing German or Italian merchants to sell spices from the Orient, wines from the Rhine, furs from Russia.. In the bustle of the docks we will find an atmosphere as cosmopolitan as the 16th century city: the largest port in the world ! From the chapels to the busy docks, from the mansions to the great churches, we will follow the trace of those who made Bruges great. For a moment, "Bruges-la- Morte" (title of a novel by R. Rodenbach) will recover the gleam of its mirrors. Mirrors of time and light guarded by the swans, as they sail off to invisible destinations.



“A tremendous and beautiful city”: this is how the celebrated German artist, Albrecht Dürer, described the city of Ghent on his 1551 stay. In the Renaissance, Ghent was the second most powerful town in Europe, next to Paris. A major wool-producing center, Ghent overcame the cloth crisis of the 14th century. In the late 15th century, it was turned into a huge grain warehouse and a busy water shipping centre.


What are Liege’s most fascinating assets: its long-lasting history as a diocesan town, its intellectual and spiritual prestige, its University’s academic background or its strategic position at the crossroads of Europe? Let’s explore the city’s most interesting spots and best kept secrets such as the picturesque dead end streets.


A gateway to the Ardennes region, at the confluence of the rivers Sambre and Escaut, Namur played a key role throughout the centuries as a military stronghold. In Roman times, the city was located on the main road to Germany and since the 16th century has been watching over the way to Paris which the Germans made use of in 1940. The town later expanded at the bottom of the citadel and on the river’s banksides. Come and spend some delightful hours in this beautiful setting.



Spa is a seaside city, where it’s nice to recharge one's batteries. Itineraires invites you to discover Spa from another way, thanks to its famous characters as Pierre le Grand, the oenologist, its exceptional landscape and unusual venues. Come on and follow our guide…



The 18th of June 1815, France, Prussia and Great Britain, the three great powers of Napoleonic Europe, face each other for their final confrontation. The Wellington Museum, evoking the drama of that momentous day, is the perfect starting point for your visit to the battlefield. At the Visitors Centre you will be treated to a special presentation of what actually took place on the battlefield you are about to see…



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